Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quantum Teaching

Quantum Teaching is another of my favourite teaching books. I return to it over and over for ideas and inspiration. When I read it I feel that it is describing the type of classroom I aspire to create.

It is a book that covers lesson design and much more. I have incorporated their ideas on how to create interesting lessons in the free report which is available at my main website.

But it's about more than just lesson design It's about the 'soul' of the classroom you create.

On element of the book is the Eight Keys of Excellence, which I repeat below. I have them as a poster on my wall and rrefer to them frequently.

One neat idea they suggest for English and History teachers is to refer to the keys of excellence when discussing a character in a book or historical event. So, for ecxample, you could consider some of Macbeth's failings as a refusal to accept the key of integrity.

The Eight Keys of Excellence

Integrity: Behave so that your values and your behaviour match. E.g. If you believe respect is important: show respect to others.

Failure Leads to Success: When you get things wrong then you are learning what you need to do next time to improve.

Speak With Good Purpose: Be positive in what you say. Avoid gossip and harmful talk.

This Is It: Focus your attention on the present moment and make the most of it. Give each task your best effort.

Commitment: Follow through on your promises and obligations. Do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Ownership: Take responsibility and be accountable for your actions.

Flexibility: Be open to change or a new approach when it helps you to achieve the outcome you desire.

Balance: Keep mind, body and spirit healthy. Spend time on all three.

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